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LeadGen Formula™

The LeadGen Formula is a unique strategy designed specifically to give you the ideal customer you deserve. We customize each strategy to your business goals. Our focus is on financial advisors. We will help you reach your target market with quality content that resonates with your site visitor. Ultimately, this will turn them into a paying customer. Although each strategy is custom designed for each client, we start with three foundations for the site’s blueprint – called the LeadGen Formula.

1. Design

From visuals to load speed, everything involved in your website matters when it comes to converting prospects to customers. Website design is more than just how the site looks. It also involves functionality for you and for your customer.

How fast does the site load? Is the website device-friendly – meaning, is it responsive? Is it graphically appealing?

All these things matter when it comes to conversion optimization. It’s also a part of SEO and helps you rise to the top of search engine rankings. As part of the LeadGen Formula, we make sure that your website design is the best in your market. We’ll design your site for your financial firm’s local SEO that also loads fast, is device-responsive, and is a visual masterpiece.

2. Attract

Gaining visitors is more than just getting the attention of prospects. Called inbound marketing, it’s different from traditional marketing strategies like advertisements and email lists. Inbound marketing focuses on building trust with your prospects through high-quality content. It’s not just about advertising your business. It’s about connecting with your ideal prospect on an individual basis through addressing their problems and needs.

Inbound marketing starts with quality content and brand discovery. It’s not only visually appealing. It also resonates with your ideal prospect, engages them, and ultimately inspires them to take action.

However, how can you engage a prospect if they don’t know where to find you? That’s where such channels like blogs, search engines, and social media come into play for inbound marketing. With the right local SEO strategy and PPC campaigns, prospects will be able to find you.

3. Convert

The best-designed websites and the most influential quality content only matter if we can convert strangers into prospects and then into customers. Conversion optimization is the number one goal of the LeadGen Formula. Here, all the strategies come together as one, integrated to turn anonymous visitors and prospects into customers.

Sales funnels generate potential prospects that can turn into paying customers. Everything matters when it comes to building that sales funnel.

  • Picking the right color of the call to action to gain attention.
  • Crafting the right message to inspire action.
  • Designing a visually appealing landing page that is the whole package.
  • Creating a strong email marketing campaign.

From design and functionality to quality content, all stages come together to bring you your ideal prospect.

Ready To Turn Strangers Into Customers?

Midstream Marketing is ready to apply the LeadGen Formula to help you turn anonymous prospects into paying customers. We will create a digital marketing strategy that will help your financial firm rise to the top of your local SEO. Moreover, we will help you exceed your business goals. Let us help you attract your target market and grow your business.

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