* 17 YEARS *

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You must apply for the services we offer because we only do digital marketing for one firm per location. This is for practical, professional and ethical reasons. When you apply, we will search our client list to see if your location is available.


We will redesign and develop the site on a new CMS that displays on all devices, looks attractive and contemporary, and is easy to use. We will also implement conversion optimization strategies to attract and convert anonymous visitors into the customers that you deserve.

Starting at $10,000


Some items have additional fees for graphic design,
research, landing page creation, and setup


  • $450 SEO audit fee.


  • $250 data migration / basic email template creation fee.


  • $250 set up fee / social channel
    set up fee if applicable.

  • $750 set up fee to create 12 FB ads and a sales funnel.

  • FB adspend is additional.


  • $250 to create 6 ads
    (can use sales funnel from FB effort or new sales funnel art creation is additional).

  • Google Adword adspend is additional.

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