* 17 YEARS *

Strategy Discovery

    Hint: what ways can you talk to your customers in your market? Definition: a marketing strategy looks at the different ways you can talk to your customers, and concentrates on the ones that make most sales.
  • Hint: Collecting and building email address lists of prospects, existing customers Fact: Email marketing is 40x more effective at lead conversion than social media Reason: it is permission based marketing. They are interested in what you offer. Website lists, Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn lists Action: build email marketing campaigns tailored to each audience
  • Hint: making your website a magnet that attracts leads and opportunities without having to do a ton of work Hint: writing articles that your customers are interested in. Helping them solve their problems. Informing customers. Sharing your knowledge. Raising awareness that you are an authority in your chosen field so you are the one they think of when they are ready to purchase. How? Blog articles, ‘How to’ guides. Articles that help your customers, User generated content – ‘stories’. Sharing via email lists. Sharing via social media. Sharing via partner/influencer websites. Have fun. Help existing customers feel special – exclusive offers. Tap into nostalgia/past events.

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