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Three Sentence Rule

You’re on this page, no doubt, because you clicked through from an email that you received from me, or from a link on the site somewhere.

Being the inquisitive type that you are, you’re now interested in why I have a 3 Sentence Rule when it comes to writing emails.

In as simple terms as possible, it’s about productivity. Every email I reply to has no more than 3 sentences. It’s that simple.

I receive approximately 200+ emails a day, and like to reply to as many of them as I possibly can within a day, or two. However, I’m a business owner (much like you, probably), and also have other daily tasks that I need to take care of, too.

Putting in place my 3 Sentence Rule allows me to give people the replies they like to receive, yet in a way that’s focused, concise and gets to the point – fast.

You should try doing it, too.

Source: Chris Ducker

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