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Our Discovery Process for Financial Advisors

At Midstream Marketing, our goal is to help financial advisors find their voice amongst the sea of competition that they may be facing. Instead of simply producing the same, out-of-the-box marketing strategies for every financial firm, we work on an individual basis with each financial advisor to help them uncover their unique advantage. We are able to do this through our discovery questions for financial advisors and our in-depth review of your current website and online marketing. If you want your digital marketing plan to be successful, you need to take the time to discover this unique advantage that your firm has to offer. Without it, you will not be able to differentiate yourself from any other financial firm, and you will have nothing new to bring to the table.

Our Discovery Questions

Through our in-depth discovery process, we are able to assist each and every financial advisor we work with in finding the ways in which they stand out and are different. How are we able to do this? Through our carefully thought-out discovery questions for financial advisors. We have taken the time to create a list of 28 questions that we believe cover all of the bases in this stage of discovery. We ask questions such as “Why should a customer buy from you?” or “How does your firm add value?” or “How do you measure success?” No question in our discovery questionnaire is trivial or pointless. Our aim is to find your value proposition as quickly and accurately as possible so that we are able to craft your digital marketing strategy around this.

Audience Avatar

Defining your audience is another crucial step in the discovery process. We have created another questionnaire of 21 questions that will help you determine your financial firm’s primary audience.  We ask questions such as “What are your ideal client’s personal goals?” or “Describe your ideal client’s emotions and personality traits” or “What problems do they have in their life?” These questions will help you design your ideal client avatar.

Why is this so important? Knowing your audience will help you craft your entire digital marketing and content strategy around them. You want to make sure you know their pain points and problems so that you are able to address them through every piece of content you create. If your main audience is wanting to save for retirement, you will want most of your content to reflex retirement planning as opposed to other things such as wealth management.  If you are not the one answering their questions or fixing their problems, they will look elsewhere to find what they need.

Website and Sales Funnel Analysis

The last thing we typically do in the discovery process is analyize your current website, sales funnel, and digital marketing plan. We go through your website step by step to see what is working and what should be changed or improved. We go under the hood of every page, examining things such as the flow of your sales funnelf, images size and placement, keyword strength and so much more. We run an SEO audit that will test the mechanics of your website to make sure all of the technical SEO is working correctly.

At the end of the day, we need to remember that a website and online marketing strategy is still really all about sales. You wouldn’t have a face-to-face meeting with a prospect and just try to pitch them some generic sales copy. You would want to try to find out their needs and wants, and then you would tailor your conversation around those. The same should go for every aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

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