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There's a problem with the way most companies approach financial advisor marketing

Stop Us If This Starts to Sound Familiar...

You know you should be doing more in terms of digital marketing for your financial advisor firm, but you’re just not sure where to begin.
Referrals or seminars have gotten you to where you are today, and now you’re ready for new avenues of growth.
Your last financial advisor marketing company cost you an arm and a leg… and gave you absolutely nothing in return.

The problem isn't "digital marketing" - it's doing the right marketing for you and your firm. Financial advisor marketing is no walk in the park, but with the right approach, you can generate quality leads consistently and grow your business.

We have helped dozens of firms do this - each with a custom designed approach that speaks to their strenths.

Battle-tested digital strategies for advisors

Since our early days in the industry working for Micheal Kitces' firm Pinnacle Advisory in 2010, we have mastered the art and science of financial advisor marketing.

We have developed the following strategies that have generated millions in AUM.


Your website should be a lead generator. We’ve helped dozens of financial advisors do just that. But certain things have to work together for you to get the call or the email that books the appointment.

SEO - Local and National

The digital leads closest to referral in the industry come from prospects searching for you online. Most advisors know that they want to be found in their city when a prospect types “financial advisor city”. Other more advanced advisors want to attract prospects from all over with the unique content they write week after week.


All of you have done or are currently doing seminars. Some of you like them and some of you don’t. Many of you have not done a webinar yet or maybe you have done one, but don’t do them regularly.
The fact of the matter is that this approach is the fastest way to get to AUM. It quickly brings your top of the funnel leads to the middle and then to the bottom to booked appointments.

Multi-Channel Marketing Platform

What about the long-term? Most advisors are hyper-focused on those prospects who are ready to sit down now to meet and gave a market-timing event. But what about those prospects that will be ready 6 months and two years from now? Are they sitting in a spreadsheet collecting dust?

Grow Your AUM and Achieve Your Goals For You and Your Firm

Schedule a no obligation LeadGen Strategy Call with the CEO and founder Christopher Wendt to find out if the LeadGen Formula™ will work for you.

Our Process

15-min Intro Call

We ask you questions to help us determine if we can help you and to customize your marketing plan.

45-min Leadgen Strategy Call

On this call, we present your customized marketing plan. This is something that you could try to implement on your own. It will contain your own recipe of the above battle-tested tactics that we use for financial advisors to generate quality, predictable leads


Signing up is simple. If you pay the set up fee, there are no long-term obligations, like other firms. It’s just month – to – month.


After you sign-up, we set up the kick-off meeting and start executing on your custom marketing plan and the meeting cadence.

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At Midstream Marketing, we primarily do financial advisor marketing for financial planning firms, but we have also worked in the following industries.

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