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We believe that Active Campaign is the best digital marketing tool out there for managing and organizing all of your prospects. Through email segmentation and automation, Active Campaign makes it easy to nurture the relationships with your leads and convert them into clients. It allows you to segment and deliver targeted messaging so that you can automatically follow up with a new hot lead.

Active Campaign has the ability to connect to all of your different channels to collect information from your prospects. It takes your leads from your referrals, website, Facebook ads, Google ads, Financial Advisor directories, your CRM, and much, much more, and organizes it all in one place. It will help focus your attention and resources on your best opportunities. You’ll have a ranked, continuously updated list of your best leads so you can be sure your firm is always focused on the hottest prospect at the perfect time.

MailChimp vs. Active Campaign

Many people ask us: “What’s the difference between MailChimp and Active Campaign? Can’t we just stick with MailChimp?” MailChimp is great for small businesses that don’t do a lot of automation and segmentation. However, Active Campaign’s tagging abilities give you extremely precise and accurate segmentation down to the molecular level. You simply cannot achieve this level of segmentation and automation with MailChimp. With unlimited, flexible segmentation, Active Campaign allows you to create segments based on demographics, location, behavior, custom fields, tags, and more, so you can pinpoint the exact contacts you want to reach with extremely granular focus.

Why is it so important to segment your email list? Because your prospects and clients are not all the same, you will want to target your emails to them based on what they are interested in, where their needs lie, and where they are in the sales funnel. When you segment out your email list, you will reach them in a very focused, specific, and personal way. Segmented emails typically perform better than general ones, and you will see a drastic improvement in your results.

Marketing Automation Insider has an in-depth side by side review of MailChimp vs Active Campaign that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of both.

We offer free Active Campaign accounts to our clients that are engaged in any of our digital marketing packages that have under 1000 contacts. We will set up your account and lead channels, and we will import all of your existing prospects and clients free of charge. If you would like to start using Active Campaign in your digital marketing strategy, contact us today!

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Christopher P. Wendt is president of Midstream Marketing, a digital agency that generates predictable leads for independent financial advisory firms. Over the last 10 years, he’s spent hundreds of hours applying the LeadGen Formula™, a proven method helping financial advisors generate more leads. You can reach him at cwendt@wendt.enterprises.

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