* 17 YEARS *
Do you feel as if your current website branding fails to communicate the unique advantage and talents that your financial firms offers? Are you having a hard time standing out from all of the competition? Most financial advisors fail to clearly express the ways in which they are different from their competition.

Too often, financial firms try to make themselves the “hero” or the focus of their company’s success or skill levels. Instead of focusing on the needs of the prospect, their content talks about their firm, how long they have been in business, etc. Your financial firm’s branding statements should be written around the prospect and their needs to survive and thrive. Your financial firm is not the hero but rather acts as the “guide” to assist them with their problems or needs.

If your branding statements, especially those on your homepage, follow this process of story branding, your website will be able to sell your products and services just as good, if not better than you can do yourself in person.

If you would like to learn more about story branding, please read my full article on AdvisorPerspectives.


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